We Want to Know: What’s Your Favorite Research Animal – and Why?

The AALAS Foundation is conducting a video contest so we can educate and inform the public more about the amazing animals working in biomedical research and the reasons why professionals working in the field of laboratory animal science love working with all the many varieties of animals and caring for them.

Enter the contest and be a part of our fun quest to gather more videos to share with the public about the incredible animals and people working to help advance medical discoveries. Oh, and to make it even more fun for you, there are CASH PRIZES to be won, too!

Click here for the official contest rules, but, in a nutshell, here's what to do:

How to Enter
  • Complete the Official Online Registration form
  • Once registered, you'll receive a unique registration number with more instructions about how to submit your video for entry.
  • Create and submit a video (one minute or less in length) stating:
  • Your favorite research animal to work with
  • Why is it your favorite?
  • Is there a special, or little known fact about your favorite animal species?
There is NO ENTRY FEE and you may register and submit multiple video entries!

The Deadline to enter and submit a video is December 31, 2021, at 11:59 pm CST.

How to Win
All videos will be placed on the AALAS Foundation's Celebrate Animal Research & Education (CARE) YouTube channel.  
The videos receiving the most "thumbs-ups" by noon, CST, on January 10, 2022 will be declared winners.

We will post the videos as soon as they are received, so, the earlier you send us your video, the more time it will have to receive "thumbs-ups".

  • 1st Place - $100 Amazon Gift Card
  • 2nd Place - $50 Amazon Gift Card
  • 3rd Place - $25 Amazon Gift Card
Click here to watch an example of a video contest entry.

Questions? Contact us at foundation@aalas.org

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