2020 AALAS Foundation Board of Directors


2020  Chair, AALAS Foundation  

Terri Swanson, LATG, PMP

Digital Medicine & Translational Imaging

Pfizer Cambridge

2020  Vice Chair, AALAS Foundation 

Lindsay Holmes, RLAT

Lab Manager

Howard Hughes Med Inst/ Baylor College of Medicine



Sarah Gilliam, CMAR, RLATG
Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Lisa Kelly, RLATG 
University of Georgia

Patricia Sikes, MS 
Charles River

Emily Slocum, RLATG  
University of California-Merced

Larry Shelton, DACLAM  
US ARMY Medical Research & Development Command

Erin Straley, CMAR, RLATG 

One MedImmune Way

Brian Ebert, RLATG
AbbVie Inc

AALAS BOT Representative

Jason Villano, DACLAM 
Johns Hopkins University


Timothy Mandrell, DACLAM
The Bionectics Corporation

Executive Director

Ann Tourigny Turner, PhD, FASAE, CAE
Executive Director
AALAS & AALAS Foundation


Vicki Campbell
AALAS Foundation Administrator 

Brandy Busby
AALAS Foundation Administrative Assistant

About the Foundation

A 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, the AALAS Foundation is an advocate for laboratory animal science and research. The future of the profession and biomedical science depends on promoting the benefits of biomedical research through public outreach and ensuring that high-quality training and education programs and materials are available for those working in the profession of laboratory animal science.

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