Sound Check...One, Two, Three!

Tune up your guitars and gather up your paint brushes!  The "Guitar Animal Hero" contest - to benefit the AALAS Foundation and its mission - is continuing to receive entry photos! 

Austin, Texas is known for its live music scene - country, blues and rock. We know all the people and animals working in laboratory animal science are ROCK STARS - strumming to a fast beat to achieve medical discoveries! 

This year, the AALAS Foundation has designed a "Guitar Animal Hero" contest to be held at the 2017 AALAS National Meeting in Austin, Texas!   We're challenging contestants to creatively paint/ decorate a wooden 10" guitar! 

Don't worry - you don't have to know how to play a guitar to enter the contest! Simply show off your imagination and talent by creatively painting/decorating an official contest guitar! 

Click here to view contest entries on the AALAS Foundation Facebook page!  Be sure to "like" your favorite guitar photo to help it win the "Fan Favorite" Award!

"Votes"/donations are now open and end October 18th at 11:00 am CST - click here to add your "vote"/donation for your favorite guitar entry today! 

A "vote" is actually a donation to the AALAS Foundation on behalf of a guitar entry! The guitar entry receiving the most "votes" on its behalf will be declared the winner of its Category. There will be one winner for each category - Individual, Branch, Corporate/Company and Institution/Organization categories.

The guitars will be on display at the Foundation's booth in the Austin Convention Center during the 2017 AALAS National Meeting. "Votes"/donations may be made on site at the Foundation's booth beginning Sunday, October 15,  2017.

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