Why should I give to the AALAS Foundation when I already pay membership dues to AALAS?

AALAS and the AALAS Foundation are two separate organizations. Your AALAS dues pay for member services such as publications, the National Meeting, and the AALAS web site access. The AALAS Foundation raises money to provide funding for public outreach and educational projects relating to laboratory animal science, which are not funded by your membership dues.

How can I get more information about materials and projects that the AALAS Foundation has supported?

Contact the AALAS Foundation by phone (901-754-8620), mail (9190 Crestwyn Hills Drive, Memphis, TN 38125-8538) or e-mail (foundation@aalas.org). Our web site offers a wealth of information about the many resources and programs we offer. You can also stop by our booth at the AALAS National Meeting; we would be happy to discuss with you some of the projects we have sponsored and/or developing and answer any questions you may have.

Why should I give to the AALAS Foundation rather than other groups seeking my support?

The AALAS Foundation is YOUR Foundation. Your contribution tells others that you are ready to do your part to help the profession. Your donation helps to support the laboratory animal science profession in many ways, and the AALAS Foundation works hard to ensure the projects we develop and implement are worthy of your support.

In what other ways can I help with the work of the AALAS Foundation?

The AALAS Foundation encourages you to use our materials for public outreach programs and for education and training. If you have a special interest, an idea for a public outreach project, or would like to work with the AALAS Foundation, contact us at foundation@aalas.org.

What is the General Fund, and what is the Endowment Fund?

Donations to the General Fund are used for nonspecific programs within the AALAS Foundation’s mission and to fund some of the various operating expenses of the AALAS Foundation. Donations to the Endowment Fund are invested in a perpetual endowment that will provide ongoing support of the AALAS Foundation’s mission and work.